Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bull Mastiff

As I sit here lying in my bed with a 102 degree fever, all I wish is that I had a dog to give me a little company.

in the summer are the worst, however since it is gloomy and cold outside I guess I could pretend it was December 27th not July 27th. San Diego has had one week of summer this year. Everyday since April we have had gloomy clouds that wont leave the coast. I feel like I live in San Francisco.

As my fiance and I get closer to walking down the aisle we are starting to look at buying a house more seriously. Currently, I think the only area we could afford is what my friend who is a real estate agent described as "upcoming with lots of potential" that is code for make sure you have an alarm system in the house.

So if we do decide to buy in the "up and coming" neighborhood rather than paying rent in the safe and family friendly neighborhood we live in now, my fiance said that we should look into getting a bull mastiff.

Bull mastiffs were bred as watch dogs and can grow to be 130 pounds. (That is more than I weigh) Apparently, they are great with children and are very protective of their family. If you are trying to picture what a bull mastiff looks like-think Turner and Hooch! My favorite line in that movie is when Tom Hanks looks at Hooch and tells him he looks like he swallowed a tennis shoe with the drool hanging down the sides of his mouth.

I am not convinced that a bull mastiff would be right for us. The drooling would be a problem and I can only imagine what taking him on a walk would be like. I guess if we need extra money we could always charge the neighborhood kids for a bull mastiff ride.

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  1. Or you could go with a German Shepherd or a Doberman. Great guard dogs guaranteed to scare off intruders, minus the drool. And a little smaller too. :) Sorry you're feeling so sick. Hope you get better soon. xoxo